Ryan Jennings

Interviewed 100 CEO's

‘Interview 50 business owners’ I said inside my head, reflecting on those words when back came the internal critique ‘50 is easy’. ‘50 is do-able’.

So I interviewed one hundred. 

It could have failed, yet 505 days later, the 100th interview was recorded.

7 years when I arrived back in New Zealand, I wanted to give back to my hometown. Job done.

Listen to New Zealander of the Year Craig Hickson talk about their experiments with robotics and automation, Gerard talk printing 3D jewellery and growing diamonds as good as the mined ones, Kate and Emma share the opportunities into Asia for a third generation FMCG business, Pat discuss 21st learning technology that's helping our most vulnerable children catch up. Jon talk solar energy tech, David shares what it takes to build six New York skyscrapers, Greg and Rachel on returning to farm practices that their grandchildren will thank them for and Grant on why AI will transform our organisations faster than we expect.

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Trip to Wellington to record interview #100