Fun Things

You know that feeling when you go further than you believed possible? I'm always seeking that out and hoping to add to the list.

1. Learned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

2. Played Horse Polo chukka

3. Grew the ultimate garden

4. Renovated a house

5. Got recognition for my great-grandfather who took the first photo of troops landing at Gallipoli.

6. Set up an offshore dev hub in Ho Chi Minh City

7. Interviewed 100 CEO’s

8. Ran the Hawke’s Bay Half Marathon (accidentally)

9. Published '100% Kiwi Business' book

10. Ran the New York Marathon

11. Ran the London Half Marathon dressed as Cat in the Hat

12. Summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

13. Invented The Periodic Table of Climate Solutions

14. Read 7 Powerful altMBA Books (and you should too)